Surf in Plettenberg Bay information 

Learn to surf @ R600 per person for 2 hours 

Private Surf Lessons One on One @ R750 per person for 2 hours

Rent a surfboard and ride the waves



Rental  Included What to bring Price
Surfboard 1/2 day Surfboard Wetsuit or swimming suit R200
Wetsuit 1/2 day Wetsuit Swimming suit R100
Surfboard and Wetsuit 1/2 day Surfboard and suit Swimming suit R300
Surfboard and Wetsuit full day Surfboard and suit Swimming suit R400
Wetsuit per day Wetsuit Swimming suit and board R200
Body board 1/2 day Body board Wetsuit or swimming suit R100
Body board full day Body board Wetsuit or swimming suit R200

A refundable deposit is required for the rental of any board to cover the loss or damage of equipment.

Phone 083 590 3405

 Find us on Central Beach Plettenberg Bay  Dolphin Adventures for Ocean Rentals


Surf Rental FAQ


Do I need to reserve my rental?

If its just you and a few buddies you will be fine.  If you are a large group, then you may want to call us to make sure we have everything ready when you come in.

What kind of wetsuits do you rent?

Most of our rental fleet is Billabong 5/4/3 FOIL Back Zip Wetsuits. We also have kiddies wetsuits for the little ones who love the ocean

What kind of surfboards do you rent?                         

We rent all kinds of surfboards. Longboards, shortboards, funboards.    

Can I rent when its macking and 20 ft?

Unfortunately no, we care about your safety and do not rent when it is macking and 20ft. Usually its safe to say if it is 10 ft or over we will not be renting.

What time should I bring my rental back?

We would be happy if you brought gear back an hour before we close, so we can clean and get it ready for the next day.

What happens if I get deep in the barrel and don’t make it out, and then my board gets snapped in half?

Unfortunately we do have to charge for broken, damaged or lost items, so please surf within your ability, and try not to run over your rental gear with your car.  We are not looking to profit from your misfortune, we just need to cover the cost to fix or replace the item.

I have a large group of people(6 or more) that want to rent, can you accommodate us?

We often rent to groups, but it is always a good idea to call in advance to make sure we have the rentals ready when you come in.  This will get you out in the water faster